Landfill Services Florida


National Waste is a permitted landfill by the Department of Environmental Protection and a leader on Florida's west coast disposing of C&D waste reducing its environmental impact.

We are committed to the environment and inspect all loads and sort out any materials that can be recycled and do not accept material that is not in compliance with the C&D Department of Environmental Protection standards. National Waste concentrates on decreasing excessive waste material by recycling many C&D materials.

National Waste is a permitted yard trash and land clearing disposal and recycling facility. Our landfill service provisions include:

C&D Debris ● Asphalt/Rock ● Lumber/Wood ● Brick ● Wallboard/Drywall/Plaster ● Pallets ● Rock Concrete ● Dirt/Sand/Uncontaminated Soil ● Plumbing Fixtures ● Non-Asbestos Insulation ● Roofing Materials & Shingles ● Glass ● Piping ● Metal Materials ● Brush/Land Clearing ● Yard & Tree Waste ● Electrical Wiring & Components (NOT containing hazardous substances)


Residential Garbage ● Putrescible Waste ● Hazardous Waste ● Mercury Devices ● Dead Animals ● Septic Tank Waste ● Street Sweepings ● Gas Cans/Tanks ● Oil Containers ● Auto Parts ● Biomedical Waste ● Liquids/Sludge ● Contaminated Soil ● Fluorescent Bulbs ● PCBS TV Computers ● Any Type of Asbestos ● Tires ● Industrial Waste ● Waste Oil/Filters ● Paint Drums ● Food Waste

If you attempt to deliver any prohibited waste you will be required to reload the unacceptable waste and dispose of it at the proper facility.

National Waste is dedicated to offering innovative, reliable C&D services, while focusing on customer satisfaction and environmental quality.

Not sure what we accept at National Waste? For more information about landfill restrictions, call 352-489-6912