Waste Management Alabama & Georgia

Inspired by a powerful commentary surrounding the fragile state of the environment, National Waste Management Services has amended their services to better suit an eco-friendly business model. We are excited to work with businesses throughout Georgia and Alabama to help combat thoughtless waste.

One aspect of our new green initiative is our mulch services. We offer a line of recycled wood and garden mulch. The mulch is made from recycled materials from within our landfills. We have sorting systems in place that remove recyclable materials from the landfills that previously had been discarded as garbage. By doing so, we're able to recycle more materials and supply our customers with high quality mulch.

We have also started an exciting endeavor with lumber and shingles. National Waste believes shingles will soon become a reliable fuel resource and asphalt blend. We expect the market to grow exponentially in coming years, and we will be prepared! We also employ a picking station in our landfills that picks clean dimensional lumber for recycling purposes. They are then sold to wood pellet producers to be used again.

The picking station plays a large role in our attempt to help the state of Florida meet its mandate for 75% recycling by the year 2020. Aside from picking lumber and shingles, it gives us the ability to increase our rate of recyclables. We also expect to increase our recycling program for concrete by 25%.

These are just a few of our many attempts to contribute to the recycling initiative as much as possible, but we're hoping to make a lasting impact. National Waste is committed to doing our part in helping the environment. We are now offering the recycling and waste management Alabama needs and the waste management Georgia is looking for! Let us put our experience and knowledge to good use when you choose our company for your waste management needs.